What is the Advertising Graduate Council?

The AGC is the Advertising Graduate Council at The University of Texas at Austin. We are an organization of graduate students with a diverse set of experiences, interests, and talents. Our members include future specialists in account management, planning, media, and creative advertising. The mission of the AGC is to supplement the educational experience of graduate adverting students by providing opportunities for professional enrichment and social interaction.

What does AGC do?

Agency tours at local advertising agencies, out-of-state trips to tour agencies, guest speaker hosting, networking events, socials - tailgates, happy hours, etc.

How can I join?

Head over to this page. If you have any questions, send inquiries to our lovely Finance Chair, Alison Skyles. 

What do dues include?

Dues include unlimited access to tours, trips, and special events in addition to a network of friendly AdGrad alumni and the unconditional love offered by AGC members. 

Can I get involved with AGC, if I don't want to commit to being a full-time member?

Yes! Many AGC events are pay as you go and opened to non-AGC members, especially social events. However, access is limited to professional opportunities and priority will be given to AGC members. 

How can I keep up with all the incredible events AGC has to offer?

Sign up for our newsletter, the Brief, that covers all upcoming AGC events. Also, check out our calendar.